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About us

We are an award-winning medical registry dedicated to our employees and customers. Originally named “Quality Imaging Services” when the company first opened in 1988 connecting to the radiologic services we provided. As QTS grew, the company branched out to laboratory and laboratory sciences and was later named "Quality Temp Staffing". For over 30 years, we continuously strive to service the needs of both our customers and employees and providing quality candidates to quality employers. 

Our mission

Our mission is to be the best in providing our clients with excellent candidates and provide candidates with good working conditions, excellent pay and benefits.

We value our employees and clients and therefore want the best for both.

Our main goal is to individually match each employee with a position that fits their desires and qualifications. We spend endless hours each month researching potential employers, their offices, organizations, and hospitals for optimal work and stability.

Our commitment

We have the experience to proficiently attract and retain the most talented, skilled employees available. We have our own proprietary employee screening processes, to ensure only the most qualified, dependable people are staffed at our client's locations. We can also customize our screening process to fit your particular needs. QTS temporary workers can be utilized to cover permanent employees' sickness and leaves of absence, to meet seasonal demands, or for projects requiring special skills and licensing. 

Any questions or thoughts?

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