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The sheer economic advantage of utilizing QTS is undeniable. You can lower your hiring costs and cut the time spent running ads, reading resumes, interviewing candidates, doing background checks, drug screening, and so on. With our scheduling department on call 24 hours a day, contacting QTS whenever you need us couldn't be any easier.​


How it works is simple: your company pays one hourly rate and we take care of the rest, such as payroll taxes, workers' compensation, state unemployment and so on. The burden of recruiting shifts entirely from you to us, freeing you to spend your time more productively. No more classified ads, phone calls, faxes, piles of resumes and hours spent out of your day interviewing candidates. We do it all for you. And we send you only the most qualified candidates who are ready to work as part of your team.​​ ​If you're ready to get started, simply contact one of our Staffing Representatives to arrange a consultation based on your company's specific needs (*please note that we do not provide travel assignments*).

We look forward to working with you!

We provide solutions in several types of employment relationships




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