Asked Questions


How does QTS select its employees?​

After choosing the most qualified candidates, Quality Temp Staffing conducts in-depth interviews as well as detailed assessment testing. Only candidates with strong interpersonal skills, positive attitudes, and up-to-date accreditation are utilized for our customer’s facilities. Then, to ensure the best possible fit, our administration team thoroughly evaluates your facility's needs and matches our employees accordingly.

Can I customize a package to meet my staffing needs?

Tell us what you're looking for, and we'll make it happen. We've developed services and programs specifically for clients, and we can do the same for you.

After I request coverage, what will I need to do?​

We take care of it all: interviewing, screening, credentialing, letters of reference, previous employment verification, drug testing, background checks, W-4s, I-9s, evaluations, payroll processing, insurance coverage, COBRA, workers' compensation, and professional liability. All you have to do is choose one of our qualified candidates for your department.

How much notice does QTS require in order to find coverage for our facility?​

From as little as 2 hours to 24 hours, depending on the modality, Quality Temp Staffing will provide you with a qualified and eager individual. We are here to serve your needs

Are the members of your staff considered employees or independent contractors?

In order to protect our customer, as well as our staff, we ONLY hire employees at Quality Temp Staffing. This alleviates all liabilities for our customers in order to better serve you.

Do you have any references that we can use?

Plenty! Don't hesitate to contact us. We're happy to provide our references.

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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